What if I don’t have a horse?

No problem. You can use this one. Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 5.22.19 PMJust kidding…sort of. Something stable like this is great for practicing, but you won’t keep up on the field. If you want to give polo a try but don’t have a horse, contact us and we can set you up to borrow one for a day and see how you like it.




I have a horse, but it’s not a “polo pony”.

If he can neck rein and can tolerate swinging mallets, he can probably be a polo pony.

What kind of gear to I need? For myself and for my horse?

For you, a helmet and a mallet. We can provide these when you are first starting out. For your horse, you’ll need leg guards.

When and where do you play?

We practice Wednesday and Thursday at 5:00. Games are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at 1:00. Both take place in Shelburne.